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Our mission is to provide maximum enjoyment during your selection and evaluation. The talent and creativity of our Asian painters will be revealed during this discovery process. Our 4 galleries are unique in Bali ! We offer original art work over than 30 artists . Every paintings from our collection is supplied with a certificate of authenticity.
New Arrival

Bali carnival in November 2015 to be held in Kuta

'Indonesia, Truly Asia' really lives up to its expectations; with its richness in culture and a flamboyant style to go with it. It is now The Destination to go for with its picturesque white sandy beaches and top-notch resorts that provide all customers, from local and abroad, the best of the best.
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Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) true artist reserves ahead

Holding one of the Top most rankings of Technological Institutes, Institute of Technology Bandung abbreviated as ITB has grown into a massive center of science and technology for the people of Indonesia. With the growing market and trend of science and IT, Indonesia is also progressing forwards with this established hub of knowledge and education.
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The two schools of paintings (ISI) Indonesian institutes of the arts(Yogyakarta and Denpasar)

Indonesia has been a hub of culture and art combined since its advent. The ethos of the nation and the people revolves around their art, which encompasses all, music, dance, drama, puppetry and even visual arts. and Indonesia is now known for its massive uniqueness of art and great portrayal of traditions in their festivals and cultural holidays.
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Asian Artists on Art Democracy: Making Original Art more Accessible

Asian art is a vast space that is full of converse and fascinating cultures. The history of Asian painting is cluttered. It began in motion some 40,000 years ago. Since then, Asian art has been classified into specific time frames, each reflecting specific religion, political views and social & cultural developments. Today Asian artists have reached beyond the basics.The artist today creates a palette of art from the influences of the surroundings. Art democracy enables the Asian artist to access the art and bring it to the homes.
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