About Reservo Art

”In art like on love, instinct is sufficient” – Anatole France

It was while traveling around Asia and after coming across countless countries that Reservoart was born through an enrichment of artistic discoveries.

During the trip, we met many talented artists with a lot of beautiful artworks incredibly produced, but unfortunately had no opportunity to be known worldwide. We are art enthusiasts and it’s just sad to know that many people around the world aren’t able to see these incredible, more that they have this “Asian school” style that indisputably brings a new vision on art.

So we went to visit some art workshops, asking around to figure out a way to make these artworks easily discovered, shared and promoted to everyone all around the world. And then after a lot of work and perseverance, we did set up a team of artists who are known and renowned throughout Asia, all of whom are ready to meet the challenge of exporting artwork not only within Asia but also into a wider market, to work together with us.

One of our missions was to democratize art, to make an original and high-quality artworks not too reserved for the elite.

Our set point was France, the place we were familiar with.

The first Reservoart gallery was established in 2002 in a city of New Caledonia called Noumea, where success was immediately achieved.

The encouraging responses received towards our first gallery then allowed us to expand the distribution of our artwork not only within France but also to Australia, followed by New Zealand, Polynesia and of course Asia itself; all in the span of three years.

Then one day, as technology makes life getting more efficient, it occurred to us the idea of selling artworks online. We wanted to offer a different buying experience where customers do not have to worry about purchasing artworks online because the quality and the authenticity represented by our artworks are guaranteed by our professional packaging and shipment team; offering free delivery at our customer’s doorstep, with the paintings either rolled up in tube or framed.

On the same year when we established our online gallery in 2007, the second Reservoart gallery opened to public in Nice, France. On 2008, we opened one more gallery in Aix en Pce, France, followed by our Asian expansion in Bali: Kayu Jati gallery (2008), Basangkasa gallery (2008), Beraban gallery (2010) and Seminyak gallery (2010).

With this, we hope to be the most efficient media to deliver original and high-quality artworks worldwide in any way possible, at the most affordable price ever.

“Our mission is to provide maximum enjoyment during your selection and evaluation. The talent and creativity of our Asian artists will be revealed during this discovery process. Our 4 galleries in Bali are unique! We offer original and high-quality artworks from more than 50 artists, whereby each painting is certified for its authenticity.”

Reservoart… A new perspective on affordable art”…